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The Life & Exaggerations of Kiltar

19 September 1982
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1900's, angel, australia, auto erotic asphyxiation, bdsm, bento, bento boxes, biting, black books, black satin, blood, blood play, books, brocade, btvs, btvs x lotr fanfic, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/legolas, bustle skirts, bustles, carpet pythons, celtic music, childens pythons, childreni pythons, chokers, collide, cooking, corsetry, corsets, costumes, craft, crinolines, cross stitch, cross-overs, cross-stitch, crystals, dead can dance, diamond pythons, disc world, dominants, draco/harry, dvds, ebay, erotic literature, evanescence, fan-fiction, fangs, food, frock coats, gallery serpentine, gems, goth, goth/industrial music, gothic, gothic clothing, gothic culture, gothic fashion, gothic sewing, haldir, harry potter, harry/draco, helensburgh, herpetology, history, homosexuality, homosexuals, illawarra, intergrade pythons, internet, james marsters, jamiroquai, johnny depp, lacuna coil, leather, legolas, letters, long hair, lord of the rings, lotr, magic, mail, men, mothercraft, msn messenger, music, musicals, my dying bride, mythology, neo-victorian goth, new south wales, nicholas brendon, night, nightwish, parasols, parenting, parramatta, pasta, pen-pals, period costume, petticoats, pirates, pretty boys, psi vampires, psychic vampires, pvc, pythons, reading, real vampires, romantic goth, runes, s&m, satin, scrying, sewing, sex, singing, slash, sleep, sleeping, spike, spike/xander, spikes, submissives, sydney, sydney goths, tarot, terry pratchett, the cat empire, the rocks, the sims, the sims 2, tight lacing, underbust corset, vampires, velvet, victorian, victorian clothing, victorian era, victorian goth, victorian hats, victoriana, within temptation, wollongong, writing, x stitch, x-overs, xander, xander/spike